Get Your Car Running Again

Turn to us for auto repair services in Billings, MT

Do you have a hard time shifting gears? This is an indicator that something is wrong with your transmission. Luckily, Vallie Automotive Center offers comprehensive auto repair services in Billings, MT. Just bring your car or truck in to our shop and we'll run a full engine diagnostic to find the cause of the problem. Once we know what's wrong, we'll get to work fixing it as quickly as possible.

Contact us today to schedule a full engine diagnostic.

Here are some common signs that your vehicle needs repair work

While the most obvious sign that your vehicle needs repairs is a mechanical breakdown, there are other ways to tell that your vehicle needs repairs. You'll want to contact us for auto repair services if:

  • It's difficult to get your car started
  • Your check engine light comes on
  • You smell a burning odor when operating your vehicle
  • There's a lot of smoke coming from your exhaust
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